Ahoy folks! Welcome to my blog.

My name’s Nikki and I like eating and travelling and beer and cats (possibly even in that order!).

Having had a somewhat crappy and stressful 2018, and with a nagging and persistent sense of Fernweh tugging constantly at my sleeve, I’ve decided to treat myself to a cheeky wee sabbatical. Six months to cook and bake and stuff my face with delicious grub, and to travel the world, visit far-flung friends, and experience exciting new countries and cultures and people. I’m hoping I’ll learn some cool stuff along the way, maybe make some new friends, and still manage to fit into all of my clothes when I get back.

The aim of this blog is basically just to keep my friends and fam up to date on my various shenanigans (and to assure my friend Marina that I haven’t fallen into a ravine), but if you’ve got any comments or wise words you’d like to share, feel free to drop me a message either here or on Instagram at another_fork_in_the_road.

Cheerses m’dearses!